We create works that move emotions and unite people from different worlds.

InkSight is a Shanghai-based creative agency building bridges over culture gaps. We’re a one-stop shop that helps brands cut through the noise and stand out.

Meet our founders.

Cecilia Chan

Creative Director & General Manager
Co-founder of InkSight

After studying music and traditional Chinese art from an early age, Cecilia graduated from China Academy of Art, Hangzhou. Before co-founding InkSight, Cecilia worked as the editor-in-chief of Vantage Magazine, taught photography at Shanghai Theatre Academy, and worked as a curator for the Aqua Art Foundation.

Equally strong at conceptual thinking and solving seemingly-impossible technical problems, Cecilia’s years of experience give her a rich sense of art, photography, design, and bilingual creative writing. She also paints, illustrates, and creates animation under the identity 陈吸吸.

Ian Louisell

Copywriting & Social Media Director
Co-founder of InkSight

Ian’s first question is always, “Why would anyone want to read about this?” This perspective comes from his years working as the managing editor of Shanghai’s longest-running English website, where his interactions with thousands of local businesses taught him which ones thrive and why.

These lessons apply to every case at InkSight, from analyzing a business to creating a single WeChat article. Everything is connected, and all of the details matter. Music, writing, illustration, and city life keep Ian inspired.

He graduated from Michigan State University with a bachelor’s in Urban Planning.

The InkSight philosophy.

8 Principles We Apply to Our Daily Work



If people aren’t talking, make that move to start or resume the dialogue. Communication is everything. 


Be ethical.

Treat people equally, and be kind to those we spend the most time with – especially the earth.


Balance the details and the big picture.

Zoom in. Zoom out. Plan for the long-term. Stay on-brand. Do things right the first time. 


Dig like moles, think like eagles.

Find a solution! But don’t force things. Less time judging, more time doing.


Stay humble. 

Never stop learning. Spend time with people from different decades and backgrounds. 


A little craziness is good.

But stay functional. 


Move emotions, create memories.

If the creator isn’t feeling their work, how can they expect anyone else to? 


Keep a good work-life balance.

Eat healthy. Sleep well. Drink lots of water.