Thinking like eagles, digging like moles.

Brand Identity & VI Design

Always from a holistic perspective.



  • Brand Identity & Positioning
  • Logo Design
  • VI System Design
  • WeChat Account Layout Design
  • Menu Design

Creative Campaigns & Social Media

Bilingual content that cuts through the noise.



  • Online & Offline Campaign Creation
  • Key Visual & Campaign Design
  • Photography & Retouching
  • Styling & Guidance
  • Customized GIFs & Videos
  • Social Account Management
  • Social Media Article Copywriting
  • Social Media Contests
  • Social Ad Campaigns

PR & Media Relations

Telling your story from the most compelling angles.




  • Press Release & Press Kit Creation
  • Chinese & English Media Communication
  • Influencer Outreach & Campaign Management

Analysis & Strategy

Crucial keys to long-term success.



  • Market Research & Analysis
  • Business Analysis & Strategy
  • Social Accounts Statistics Analysis

The InkSight Advantages

Holistic Perspective

Because everything is connected


Over ten years of professional experience in China


Service & Packages


We always dig deeper

Bilingual Team

Unique viewpointservice

Strong Connections

In media, art, music, & F&B

Works we’re proud of. 

Fade Room 83 Barber Shop Reservation System

Mini Programs = A smoother user experience, more conversions, and better data for businesses.
We built one for Shanghai barbershop Fade Room 83 when we launched their WeChat business account.

Dunkin' Donuts Savory Menu Launch

InkSight helped change Dunkin’s image, with creative campaigns that launched their new bagel and coffee product lines.

SHAKE Bartender Photo Shoot: Colin Tait

Spread the Bagel Rainbow Donut Balls

Love comes in all colors, shapes, and sizes. Our photoshoot captured that message for Spread The Bagel’s collaboration with ShanghaiPRIDE.   


Maison a 3 'Flavors 2021' Menu Design

Over three chapters, Flavors 2021 follows the mysterious Dr. Rainfox through three levels of flavor in the metropolis, where she meets characters like Dr. Peanut Butter and visits the Ghost Market.

Concrete & Grass Music Festival

We helped our favorite music festival in China expand their audience with strategy, VI redesign, KV design, and Instagram management.

Concrete & Grass Shanghai 2018

Growing this festival meant reaching younger audiences beyond the core fans. So after months of research and developing strategies, we redesigned the VI system and designed the KV in a style that translated the festival’s magic to wider groups.

Heyday Shanghai Rebranding

A jazz bar on the corner of a tree-lined street solidifies its position in a city filled with jazz history, with help from InkSight’s designs and WeChat content.

Spread The Bagel WeChat + Photography

Readers traveled through time and around the world with Bagel Man, a cartoon character that embodies the spirit of Spread The Bagel: open-minded, humble, and fun.

SHAKE "Shanghai's House of Funk & Soul" Rebranding

We dug deeper into the music side of this supper club and helped them rediscover and strengthen their funk and soul identity. Through design, educational WeChat content, strategy, and PR, we helped transform SHAKE into “Shanghai’s House of Funk and Soul”, expand their audience, and set trends for live music in Shanghai.

How we work.

We approach projects in four steps.


1. Ask Questions, Listen, & Research


Digging deeper to find your unexplored potential.



2. Set Goals & Give Recommendations


Giving open, honest feedback & pragmatic plans.



3. Deliver Custom Solutions


Creating designs & content that make your customers share, comment, and feel.



4. Reflect. Learn. Improve.


Always striving for the next, better version.